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Agency service

We will resolve your doubts on any administrative management free of charge and in your language of choice. You'll receive advice from expert professionals to make your queries related to vehicle licences, ownership changes, tax filing, submission of documentation to regulatory authorities… If you wish we can also handle all the processing and paperwork, you'll get the best prices for all tasks we manage for you and your business. HolaBank Club is also your day-to- day manager.

Traducciones e intérprete online

Translations and interpreting online

Interpret a contract, understand a tax law or an agreement between several partners… At your business you're going to need help in your language. HolaBank Club offers you a free and unlimited over-the- telephone interpretation service so that you may be understood with out any issue. You can also request services from sworn and specialist translators at the best prices. Call and find out how easy it is.

Servicio de agenda

Diary service

Reminder of meetings, business meals or appointments with the solicitor, we will be your virtual secretary so that you only have to worry about growing your investments. Call us to take note of your appointments and we will remind you of each event before the date arrives. Don't miss anything.


Booking service

Flight and train schedules, addresses of government bodies, location of embassies or patents and trademarks processing. Whatever you may need for your investment in our country we will be able to help you. We will find the information you need so that you don’t lose time and we will manage your appointments and bookings on your behalf: hotels, restaurants, travel, Tax Agency, town halls, ministries, garages… We can also help you with your leisure activities in Spain.

Legal assistance
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Translations and interpreting online
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Handyman service
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Household staff search
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Key Detector
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